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    Get Backjoy's latest POSTURE INSOLES, specially developed for those who need that extra support. Developed by renowned Sports Scientist & Exercise Physiologist: Dr Wil van Bakel PhD, Posture Care Insoles incorporates scientifically designed technology to stabilize & relieve your feet from pressure & tension. The Posture Control System  aligns your body from top to toe and effortlessly guide the foot through natural balanced movement with every step, whether standing, walking or participating in sports. 

    Posture insoles use the latest developed materials that give your feet the relaxation they deserve. Gel pads provide extra cushioning, thermoplastic sole moulds to your foot whilst the TPU mid-section provides the required support for your foot arch.

    Select the ideal Posture Insole according to your foot type. You can determine your arch type by standing on a piece of paper or card after a shower.  The watermark on the paper/cardboard shows you what arch type you have :

    Low Arch Posture Insole is suitable for flat feet. Corrects the inward sinking of the feet or over pronation.

    Mid Arch Posture Insole : If you have a neutral foot arch, our Mid Arch insoles are suitable for you.

    High Arch Posure Insole : Some people have a high foot arch. This can lead to painful pressure points and an increased risk of injury. The High Arch offers extra support and also cushioning, so that your feet are less stressed and you are less likely to suffer from physical discomfort.