All BackJoy seats provide a safe and effective way to relieve lower back pain and improve posture. Our seats automatically positions your body in correct posture for all-day sitting comfort and posture support. This simple but ingenious posture corrector works in any type of seat, from office chair to car seats, even hard bleachers. Its patented design works by tilting your hips upright and comfortably floating your spine over the seat.

The CORE range of posture seats feature a deeper wider bowl compared to our standard Sitsmart range. CORE is suitable for those with heavier and bigger bottoms, or if you just prefer an all round snug fit that encompasses and cradles your pelvis.  For the young active woman with slim and slender frames, the CORE ANGEL offers a sleeker option.

SITSMART CORE  come in 3 different cushion choices to suit your preference : firm EVA, soft cushion, traction pads or high density foam Lux .